LabVIEW Technology-Core 3

The LabVIEW Core 3 Course introduces you to structured practices to help you design, implement, document, and test LabVIEW applications. This course focuses on developing hierarchical applications that are scalable, readable, and maintainable. The processes and techniques covered in this course help you reduce development time and improve your application stability. By incorporating these design practices early in your development, you can avoid unnecessary application redesign, increase VI reuse, and minimize maintenance costs.

Note: LabVIEW Academy (LVA) offers On-site Training (OST) to Industry & Academia. These trainings are conducted at Customer location (max. up to 300 km from Delhi), providing savings in travel and dedicated customized classes. The trainings are conducted using specially designed CORE 3 equipped with LabVIEW latest version software and Hardware for conducting practical exercises prescribed by National Instrument, USA.

Target Group
Engineering Students
5 Days | 40 Hours

Course Outline

  • Developing Successful Applications
  • Organizing the Project
  • Creating an Application Architecture
  • Customizing the User Interface
  • Managing and Logging Errors
  • Creating Modular Code

Key Take Aways

  • Develop an application in an agile manner.
  • Use the Project Explorer window to improve file organization and resolve file conflicts.
  • Use the Queued Message Handler project template to develop a multiloop application.
  • Use notifiers for one-to-many communication between parallel loops.
  • Develop a customized user interface prototype for initial usability testing.
  • Handle errors locally or globally depending on the severity of the error.
  • Develop, integrate, and test scalable, readable, and maintainable code modules.
  • Ready for Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD) exam
  • E-certificates/Paper certificates will be provided to all Trainee by AKGEC-NI LabVIEW Academy

Mode of Training

Regular : Mon – Fri (9:00 am – 5:00 pm)

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