Industrial Internship Program-Manufacturing and Inspection

AKGEC Skills Foundation offers ‘Industrial Internship Program’ for young ENGINEERS to make them industry ready and globally employable. This Program is intended to develop technical competency and skills of candidate in line with industry requirements. Program offers unique opportunity to learn best industry practices, quality standards, safety norms and hands on experience using latest tools, techniques and equipment related to their selected specialization domain.

Target Group
B.Tech (Any Branch of Engineering)
Six Months | 18 Weeks | 540 Hrs.

Course Outline

The Internship program is having following three main components:

A. Self-Learning Multidisciplinary Assignment : Under this Section, Participants are required to work on following ten ‘Self Learning Multidisciplinary Assignments’:

  1. Project Management.
  2. Computer Aided Design.
  3. Computer-Numerical Controlled Mfg.
  4. Electronics design and production.
  5. 3D Printing & Scanning.
  6. Embedded Programming.
  7. Input Devices : Sensors.
  8. Output Devices : Pneumatic / Electrical Actuators.
  9. Interface and Application Programming.
  10. Machine Design.

Each assignment is of 20 Hrs duration, where as total time assigned to this activity is 220Hrs including 20 hrs dedicated for review/rework to achieve satisfactory outcome.

B. Training & Certification Program : Each participant is required to enroll for “Training and Certification Programs" of 220 Hrs duration during the period of internship. The following Training’s and Certifications are offered under this field:

  1. Manufacturing Technologies – Basic level 80 Hrs Compulsory
  2. Manufacturing Technologies – Advance Level 80 Hrs Compulsory
  3. Industrial Measurement – Basic level 80 Hrs Compulsory
  4. Industrial Measurement – Advance Level 80 Hrs Compulsory
  5. Industrial Automation – Basic level 40 Hrs Optional
  6. Robot Programming – Basic level 40 Hrs Optional
  7. Industrial Automation – Advance Level 40 Hrs Optional
  8. Solid Edge ST-09 – Basic Level 80 Hrs Optional
  9. NX-CAD – Basic Level 80 Hrs Optional
  10. Soft Skills & Personality Development 20 Hrs Compulsory

C. Group Project Work : The Internship Program Concludes with Group Project Work Activity of 100 Hrs duration. Trainee will join on going industrial project at the respective center and work in a team on given module/assignment related to chosen specialization field i.e Manufacturing.

Key Take Aways

  • Multidisciplinary knowledge for solving live industrial problems
  • Acquiring Global Certifications in the field of Manufacturing and Inspection Technologies
  • Development of Team Working Spirit for achieving Higher Professional Goals
  • Acquaintance of Best Industrial Practices and Safety Norms
  • Development of Personality and Presentation Skills
  • Understanding Work Ethics and Business Commitment

Mode of Training

Mon – Fri (9:00 am – 5:00 pm)